When it comes to social media we all have a friend who always has something to comment or share (or maybe this is you). So in honour of Sir Comments-Alot here is a list of possible social media content! From personal to business-related, to promotional posts, this list of 30 ideas will keep you inspired for a long time.

30 Bomb Ideas for Social Media

  1. Respond to a Tag or Mention: If your clients are posting about you, respond to a couple.
  2. Hold a Photo Contest: Ask for photo submissions and the winners get a prize or get shared on Facebook.
  3. Behind-the-scenes Photos and Video: Takes some shots of your co-workers or yourself working or use live video to spontaneously interview your boss.
  4. Check your Website Analytics: See what topics are popular among your audience.
  5. Model your Products: Put your product in front of a view and snap a pic of it. (or get an employee to use the product).
  6. Participate in Holidays: National and funny ones (e.g. International donut day).
  7. Irrelevant Photos: Post photos that have nothing to do with your business or product. Convey that there is a feeling behind your brand. For an example, Starbucks shares photos with sunshine, warmth, and friend groups.
  8. Let Pinterest Inspire you: Whether you pin or you know someone who does, you can find beautiful images to share.
  9. Fan Photos: Everyone likes a bit of fame, get your users engaged.
  10. Fill-In-The-Blank Posts: (e.g. “If I could travel anywhere all expenses paid I would travel to ________”)
  11. Blog about your Employees: Share a day in the life of the CEO, a designer, a department, etc.
  12. Ask for Advice: Incoming projects can be shared (e.g. We are almost done our new model, but we need your advice on what is missing).
  13. Share Random Tips: Periodically post a random tip or trick your followers would find useful. Hint: using random tip numbers adds interest to your post (e.g. Tip #182: _____).
  14. Oldies but Goodies: Share old pictures, logos, websites or even your first product.
  15. Share Popular Reddit Topics: It shows you are up to date with the times.
  16. Questions: Make it straight and simple so your followers can answer quickly.
  17. Post a Meme or a Funny Comic: Show customers you’re not all business and you still like to have fun. Additionally, laughter builds relationships.
  18. Share Testimonials: Get customers to write your content for you. Clients might relate to them better than they relate to you.
  19. Share and Ask for Predictions: For instance, “I’m feeling at least 20 gold medals Canada, how many do you think?”
  20. Sit in the Live Hot Seat: Open a live video and let your fans ask you anything.
  21. Quotes: Humour, inspiration and motivation always pulls some string in the body.
  22. Truth or Lie: Let your fans guess what is true and what is not. (e.g. Truth or myth: We just released our product to Panama).
  23. Host Give-aways: For an example, “First 30 people to comment with 10% off” or “I’m thinking of a number from 1 to 10000. Winner gets a new car!”
  24. Engage your Employees: Post a picture of three of them along with fun facts about each and have fans guess which one belongs to who.
  25. Statistics or Data: Share or create relevant industry stats so they can be shared or retweeted.
  26. Answer an FAQ: Post the most popular questions your business gets asked.
  27. Ask your Fans for their Input: Find out what your fans want to hear, everyone needs help, I even did writing this.
  28. Share Funny Commercials: Post a commercial that your friends or clients would love.
  29. Post a Chart: Share an interesting char of trends or something that’s relevant to your audience.
  30. Tell a Story: Doesn’t have to be relevant but keep it interesting, you want people engaged.

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