Uncluttered. Essential.

Your audience’s attention is fleeting. No matter how well-intentioned, if your copy is bland, derivative or contains errors, your customers are going to look elsewhere. Lifeblood’s copywriters can work with you to highlight brand strengths, remove bloat, and focus storytelling. We’ll collaborate with you to deliver a fine-tuned message that’ll resonate with your readers and facilitate their decision-making.

What do we do?

Blog & Article Writing

Our team of copywriters have years of experience working with professionals to develop engaging writing that has a heart. No one likes reading robotic copy that ceaselessly tries to hammer information into them. People connect with people and their stories. We can work with you to create content that communicates your brand’s messaging while developing the personal connection that’s necessary to tell captivating stories.

Online & Print Ads

An ad, whether online or print, fills a writer with a sense of claustrophobia as it forces them to tell a big story in the tiniest of spaces. We have the expertise to create dynamic ad copy that captures the essense of your brand while working within the confines of character limits and graphic designer-imposed size restrictions.

Website Copywriting & SEO

Lifeblood’s copywriters work in tandem with our SEO experts who will review site analytics to pinpoint areas where: 1. Customers drop off because they’re not finding the information they’re looking for 2. Text on a page doesn’t effectively communicate subject matter to search engines. Our writers can take this insight and collaborate with you to fine tune your online communications to drive leads and improve search rankings.

Pick Your Package

Blog Package

Our Process


We’ve all spent time working with writers, who after using your valuable time to collect information for a piece, deliver copy that fails to communicate accurate information or an appropriate tone. Our copywriters are effective listeners who know how to get the answers they need to produce the on-point messaging you expect… the first time.

Subject Matter Experts (SME)

Subject matter experts (SMEs) are often among the busiest people in your company. Their time is scarce, as is their ability to follow-up with writers numerous times to correct erroneous details. At Lifeblood, we conduct thorough research before and after meeting with your subject matter experts to ensure we’re a dependable conduit to their wealth of information.

Fine-tuning Work

Sometimes, all writing needs to pop is a a few small adjustments. Reorganizing information so that it flows more logically, rewording awkward phrases, and correcting gramatical errors can have a dramatic impact on the readability of a blog, article, website copywriting or ad copy. Hire Lifeblood to ensure you deliver polished writing that shines.

What Copywriting Services Do You Offer?

  • Ad Writing for Print
  • Blog + Article Writing
  • Email Marketing Copy
  • Interview Transcription & Editing
  • PPC Ad Copy (Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter) 
  • Technical Writing & Documentation
  • Website Copywriting

Leave Your Competition Behind

Customers have more choices now than ever. Because they have so many options, people won’t engage with poorly executed marketing content or return to websites with information that’s hard-to-find . Lifeblood can help you tailor your priority to maximize the returns for your marketing dollars, setting your company apart from your competition and generating increased sales opportunities.

Good writing is like a windowpane.

-George Orwell