Digital Marketing

Let us Expertly Guide Your Decision Making

At Lifeblood, we have an end-to-end understanding of the buyer’s journey and sales process, and can help you identify opportunities and improve the delivery of information. We have the corporate marketing experience to expertly guide your decision making and help you achieve the results you’re aiming for.

What do we do?

Marketing Management

Lifeblood develops strategic marketing plans based on data and experience, delivering measurable and repeatable results.

Marketing Development

We can help you develop a comprehensive strategy to define your goals, identify your target audience, outline required resources, and finally, bring it all together in an easy-to-execute framework.

Content Management

Everyone loves a well-told story. Content management is all about great storytelling, promoted through the appropriate channels… something we’re particularly good at!

Campaign Management

Chances are you’re running a few marketing campaigns right now. But how confident are you that your message is being received? Lifeblood can guide you and help take the stress out of your marketing efforts.


A cohesive and strategic engagement strategy is a critical component to bringing new audiences. Let Lifeblood lead the development of your engagement strategy via thought leadership, audience analysis, and the creation strategic partnerships.


Lifeblood can develop key performance indicators around the strategy, goals, and objectives of your company to help you better gauge successes and validate direction.

Pick Your Package

Basic Marketing
  • On-Going Marketing Retainer for over 15 hours of studio time.
Corporate Marketing
  • On-Going Marketing Retainer for over 60 hours of studio time.

Our Process

Aligning Marketing & Company Goals

Ensuring your marketing plan is in alignment with your overall business strategy is imperative to success. Hire Lifeblood’s experienced marketing team to be a part of your business planning process from the beginning to ensure your marketing plans align with your entire organization’s goals, not just with those set out by your sales department.

Storytelling Increases Revenues

Stories help us relate, connect, and articulate why a product, company or service is noteworthy. Storytelling can increase revenues, inspire action, and build trust by establishing more personal connections.

Continuously Optimizing for Results

Lifeblood can help keep your messaging focused and ensure that all of your campaigns are running smoothly and efficiently by providing diligent planning, timely execution, and research that will give you accurate insights into your target audiences.

What Marketing Services Do You Offer?

  • Audience Research & Targeting
  • Brand & Product Development
  • Business Process Mapping 
  • Campaign Planning Strategy Development
  • Corporate Communications
  • Email Marketing Campaigns (MailChimp, Constant Contact, etc.)
  • HR Marketing Transformation
  • Lead Generation
  • Marketing: Automation, KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) & Stack (Tools & Technology)
  • Sales, Product & Marketing Alignment

Leave Your Competition Behind

Customers have more choices now than ever. Because they have so many options, people won’t engage with poorly executed marketing content or return to websites with information that’s hard-to-find . Lifeblood can help you tailor your priority to maximize the returns for your marketing dollars, setting your company apart from your competition and generating increased sales opportunities.

Storytelling can increase revenues, inspire action, and build trust by establishing more personal connections.