The Client

Brett and Buddies is a moving, junk removal and house maintenance company located in Kelowna, BC and has been operating in the Okanagan since 2012. Owned by Brett Waldherr, the company is known for its friendly, professional service, and community engagement throughout the Okanagan Valley. Lifeblood Marketing designed and built a brand-new site for him and continues to run his social media marketing campaigns.


What They Needed

  • Brett needed a website to reflect a fresh new look for his brand
  • Needed a logo and a website design that featured a cool, personalized way to represent his brand
  • Needed to get more active on social media and reach a larger amount of potential clients
  • Needed a business overhaul in organization through email, Facebook messenger, automatic responses, etc.

What We Did

  • We created a new website for Brett and Budding Moving and Junk Removal and maximized its reach through:
  • Copywriting and content optimization to reach target audiences
  • Boosting SEO through keyword research and implementation
  • Creating a unique and impacting site design that highlighted Brett and Buddies new branding using customized cartoon vectors of Brett and his moving truck and custom photography

To bolster the impact of Brett and Buddies’ new site, we launched a new social media campaign strategy to engage his community involvement, moving tips and tricks, specialized service posts and more. We also optimized client care and business management through organizing emails and Facebook Messenger messages, and implementing auto-forwarding systems on the website.

The Results

  • Brett’s new website, business streamlining, social media campaigns and brand redesign has increased his business by over 30%.
  • Brett now finds managing his business less overwhelming and much more enjoyable

“Since we set up my new site, it’s had a great effect on how our business is perceived…. As a result of our new platforms, I’ve noticed a significant amount of professional people inquiring about our business in a less skeptical manner. It seems to me that we are perceived as more of a professional company to the public since we have a professionally done website…If you have a business and you’re wanting to take it to another level where people are taking you very seriously and you want to hack the growth of your business and make it easier on yourself I highly recommend putting the money in because you have to spend money to make money and this is one of the best ways to do it” – From Brett Waldherr, owner of Brett and Buddies Moving and Junk Removal