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Team Lifeblood’s 2020 Journey

2020 has been a tough and strange year for so many. It’s been a year of growing and adapting to meet many challenges that none of us expected.

Here at Team Lifeblood, we’ve seen first-hand how much things have changed for our wonderful clients. Companies have needed to quickly move into the digital world to reach consumers at home. This has meant a lot of things to our different clients… updating websites, putting stock into a new online store, creating social media feeds that truly engage followers and even full business rebrands, where we have seen clients take that plunge to get a totally new look and feel for their brand that better reflects who they are and what they stand for.

Team Lifeblood's van life vibes

Lifeblood has been growing and changing right along with our clients during this crazy year. We’ve added to our team so we can keep bringing our best, we’ve developed new products to better serve our clients and we’ve learned along with all of you that being able to pivot in your business and react quickly to surprising, life-changing events is key. No one could have guessed what 2020 would look like, but with all of the difficult stuff, we have seen some things from our clients and our friends that truly inspire us:

  • We have so enjoyed watching the creativity of connecting with each other through heartfelt social media posts, Zoom and Google Meet parties, online game nights and so much more as a way to be with family and friends via distance.
  • We’ve loved seeing local, small businesses being championed through takeout orders and curbside pickups.
  • We’ve been continually inspired by our own clients in their ability to change and adapt to the shifting circumstances of 2020 and being able to support them in whatever way we can. 

What Has This Looked Like for Lifeblood?

Pivoting with our clients has looked like a lot of different things! So we thought we would give you a little breakdown on the hours spent by our team during 2020 ;).

Lifeblood's retreat in the summer

An Immeasurable Amount of Time Spent Feeling Grateful

The biggest count of 2020 by far has been our gratitude for our clients and for our fellow team members. We are so thankful to be working with such amazing businesses and passionate people and we just can’t wait to spend 2021 working towards all the new goals, together!

For our team, we’re for sure looking forward to another staff wilderness retreat (when it’s safe to be together) and we just can’t wait to keep Lifeblood going and growing. We’re grateful for each member of this team and the experience, knowledge and hustle they bring to the table, every day.

Websites and brands developed from Team Lifeblood

A Whole Lot of Brands Refreshed

That’s right! In 2020, we are so grateful to be able to say that we helped many of our clients get a new brand that better fits their business. Our tireless design and development team has made sure our clients look great AND have an online presence that works for them and their needs. That means everything from a seamless backend where clients can update blogs, content and photography themselves, to a beautiful front-facing website that people love scrolling through, new logos designed and brand colours chosen, gorgeous updated print assets created… you get the picture.

We’ve loved each and every brand crafted or updated for our clients and we’re looking to build even more in 2021!

Social posts and features from team lifeblood

800 Social Media Posts + Blogs Crafted

It’s hard to even keep track of how many social posts have been curated but we’ve loved collaborating with our clients to fill their Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn feeds with beautiful images, clever captions and hashtags that get them seen ;).

There have also been some amazing tailored online giveaways, community support initiatives and company blogs written on behalf of our excellent clients. Singing their praises through our marketing program just doesn’t get old, so we can’t wait to keep this going in 2021.

Lifeblood working from home on online meetings

2500+ Hours of Client and Team Meetings

The ‘+’ may be a lot more but who’s keeping track when the company is so good? With our clients, these meetings have been crucial in brainstorming business ideas and solutions during the pandemic, hearing about our clients’ successes and how to keep them coming and connecting with them during the tough times when it was important just to meet and lend our ear and our deep support.

For our team, it’s been a lot of meetings to keep us growing in all the right ways. We’ve used our meetings to develop and fine-tune our marketing programs and online initiatives, build out our website design and development systems, discuss and draft multiple proposals, spreadsheets and documents on behalf of our clients and discuss all our future goals and dreams for Lifeblood in 2021 and beyond. Yeah… 2500 is starting to seem a little low!

Honourable Mentions for Where Our Time Went

  • 5000 cups of coffee (we’ve been keeping a lot of coffee companies in business)
  • 100% of the team invested in ‘plant therapy’ 
  • 7 cats and 4 dogs continually petted when they sat on important papers or our keyboards
Thank you to each and every one of you who were a part of our 2020 year. We are so grateful for you and can’t wait to ride with you into 2021 and all the promise it holds! See you in the New Year. www.lifebloodmarketing.ca

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