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4 Ways to Write Engaging Headlines that Rank

We’ve heard it a thousand times… first impressions are everything! It’s a popular quote because it’s true! And when it comes to writing high-quality blog posts and articles, this advice should not be ignored. If you’re a writer or otherwise involved in SEO and content marketing, you probably understand the struggle of coming up with a good headline that ranks.

It happens all the time: you write an awesome article you’re proud of that demonstrates great SEO and strong keywords only to leave the title for last. For some, it takes a longer time to come up with the headline than it does to write the actual article itself. You need something catchy and attention-grabbing. Something that will really speak to your audience, capture their attention and direct them to the page and then of course, read the material you’ve written the whole way through.

Sound familiar?

Almost every online content writer has been there which is why we’ve created a post on how to write engaging headlines that rank:

Keep it Simple

Much like clean and aesthetically pleasing web-design, writing a great headline for an article often follows the same rules: keep the content simple. Don’t add in unnecessary words that may be confusing for the reader and always remember to keep the message clear. The point is to entice the reader to click on the link so they’ll continue reading the post, which leads us to our next point…

Offer Value

When writing content, you need to make sure you’re offering value to the consumer. The best way to give it to them? Catch their attention with an appealing headline that tells them immediately how reading your article will help them. By being clear, offering value and generally just keeping it simple, you’re encouraging a consumer to actually want to learn more about what you have to say.

Use Numbers

Many print companies and digital advertisers often use numbers in their headlines. It’s just another way to provide value to a reader. Notice how we did it in our own title? By using numbers, the reader knows exactly what they’re going to get when committing to your article and can almost use it as an indicator to how helpful the post might be to them.

Incorporate Adjectives & Rationales

When choosing adjectives to include in your title, make sure they’re relatable and conversational. Words like “effortless” “essential” or “incredible” are all good ones to use. If you’re struggling, search engines are a great way to expand your vocabulary! Or, simply research established blogs for ideas! Alongside your adjectives, use strong rationales like “ways” and “reasons”. Again, it all comes back to value and simplicity.

Each of these 4 ways to create great headlines all share one aspect in common: they provide value & simplicity in order to create engaging titles that have a higher chance of connecting strongly with consumers and ranking higher in search engines.

Do you have great ideas on how to create excellent headlines for articles and blog posts? Share them in the comments below.

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