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  2. Lifeblood is now offering PPC with Google AdWords

Lifeblood is now offering PPC with Google AdWords

Lifeblood is now offering PPC with Google AdWords

We’re excited to announce that our Lead Developer, Garet is now Google AdWords Search Certified! Here at Lifeblood Marketing, we are always on the quest to continue our education and gain more knowledge of marketing techniques that will help our clients. If you don’t know what PPC is don’t worry we’ll lay it all out for you.

Garet Hindman

What is Google AdWords?

When searching for a product or service on Google, did you ever notice that ads will often show up in the search results at the top and bottom of each page? That is Google AdWords at work.

Google AdWords Ad Example

These ads are known more commonly by the abbreviation, “PPC” or Pay-Per-Click. Unlike traditional marketing like print advertising you pay for the result, not the ad distribution! This means that you are only charged for each click or action taken by an online visitor.

Location and demographic targeting

Location and Demographics

As previously mention Google AdWords allows you target specific potential customers based on a combination of specific criteria’s including; Location, Age, Gender, Annual Income, Interests and More!

For example, you could…

  1. Serve ads to Australians looking to purchase a vacation condo at your local mountain resort.
  2. Increase brand awareness for a new product you to health conscious millennials looking for gluten free product.
  3. Generate website traffic web store and target qualified buyers who are already looking for your products.

The possibilities are endless…

What does it cost?

The costs range from only a few cents to a couple dollars per click. However, the beauty of this program is there is no minimum ad-spend, so even with a limited budget you can generate real traffic from qualified visitors looking for your product service.

Sound interesting? For additional information please don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to helping your business get the competitive edge it deserves.

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