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Opportunity Shines on Lifeblood Marketing Inc

Lifeblood Marketing Inc recently underwent a new business partnership that saw the expansion of services and a company rebrand. Recently joining Lifeblood Marketing Inc is Christina O’Reilly, a marketing consultant with over 20 years of corporate and creative marketing experience.

Core Values

Danielle Grundy, Partner and original founder of Lifeblood Marketing Inc couldn’t be more excited. “I am so excited about this opportunity”, explains Grundy, “when I first met Christina I was at a tipping point in our business. The business was seeing double-digit growth and I needed a partner that could help take us to the next level. But more importantly, I was looking for someone with core values that aligned with mine.”

“The company culture was what drew me to Lifeblood Marketing. Our values are more than just a list of words, they are the blueprint for our customers’ success”, says Christina O’Reilly, Partner,Lifeblood Marketing Inc.

Strategic & Creative Approach to Marketing 

Christina Oreilly

Lifeblood Marketing takes a creative approach to how we do business. We are driven by integrity and authenticity, and constantly strive to treat our clients more like partners. Today’s businesses are struggling to differentiate themselves and customers have more choice now than ever. That abundance of choice is transforming how businesses reach and engage their customers. Our focus is developing strong brands through solid marketing strategies and a creative approach to how businesses tell their story is at the heart of Lifeblood Marketing.

Lifeblood Marketing supports multiple industries, ranging from technology to real estate and everything in between.

For more information about Lifeblood Marketing call (778) 760-1616, email info@lifebloodmarketing.ca, or visit www.lifebloodmarketing.ca

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