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Get Your New Website Noticed

Is this you? You’ve launched a brand new website that is full of amazing content, beautiful photography and a seamless brand from start to finish. You and your team worked hard to get that site looking great. You’ve made sure it provides a fantastic user experience for your clients so they can book your services, order your products or visit to learn all about you and your brand. We know this took time and effort and now it needs to pay off!

You need to get your website noticed by your current and potential clients. It’s time to show off in all the right ways. Keep reading our blog to get inspired about how to feature the best parts of your new website!

Get Yourself Found By the Right Audiences

Believe it or not, there is a lot you can do to help your website be seen. This involves some maintenance and monitoring work using Search Engine Optimization. SEO set-up is incredibly important for getting your site seen by potential clients! Essentially, SEO is how your website traffic is grown by increasing your visibility through ‘organic’ search engine results. It can be incredibly helpful in getting your site in front of clients when used in the right ways.

Here Are a Few Beginner Tips:

  • Use Google to your advantage! Create a Google analytics account and connect it to your website so that you can analyze user navigation, see where people are clicking, learn about the rates that people bounce off your site and gather other pieces of information about how your website is ‘performing’. 

Google Analytics can seem overwhelming at first, but it is worth it! It will help you recognize which areas of your website are the most popular with your site visitors, helping you learn what they are liking about your new website.

  • Make sure your website is loading correctly. Did you know slow sites get lower rankings on Google? Also, site users hate sitting and waiting for a page to load. You don’t want them leaving your site because it is taking too long to load.

You can check your website’s loading time at the link, below! Even though a perfect score would be nice, anything between 80-100 would be great! Test your site speed in one click at this url: https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/ 

If it is scoring below 80, a few simple adjustments like optimizing images, reducing redirects and enabling caching can help your site can be super speedy. This is not always the easiest to do if you aren’t familiar with the backend of your website, so getting in touch with a trusted web developer to help you with these changes may be the most stress-free approach (we recommend our tech wizard, Peter!)

  • Find out what people are searching for! Research keywords and competition in your industry to find opportunities for updating/adding content on your site. Pumping up your website copywriting with words that clearly define your business and product type helps you to be searchable on Google! This can be as simple as searching concepts and ideas around your brand and seeing what comes up in the Google search results.

Answer some of the popular questions that keep coming up in your industry through blog posts, additional site pages and even FAQs on your website to help get noticed as an expert in your field. Remember, keeping your website content updated through consistent blog posting and FAQ additions will help Google recognize you as a top poster and a relevant search result when people type in those keywords.

Advertise to Get New Leads

Online Advertising is a great way to get your name out there to a wider array of audiences! There are so many platforms to choose from, and you also get to decide who these ads target and all the content and imagery that shows up. Where your ads go and who they go to is something that needs to be strategically planned. With all these options, it’s easy to feel excited but also a little in over your head. Let us break down some of the key points about online advertising.

Here’s what ads can do in general:

  • Get you more leads! All that strategic targeting we mentioned means you can specifically focus on certain areas or groups of people that want to engage with your business. You can tailor an ad on a key service you offer on your new site to get people interested.
  • Get you seen! Ads are the best way to get your amazing new site visible to all the right people. Strategically getting your ads in front of people who are more likely to engage with your business is a great way to get your business out there. Ads can target people who don’t ‘like’ or ‘follow’ you, already or they can more generally help you be searchable for anyone searching keywords about the services you provide.
  • Get you more followers! On certain platforms, ads can be focused around getting more followers for your social media accounts. For example, Facebook has a paid ad option that specifically gets you more followers that are interested in your industry or niche. This can be incredibly useful in building brand legitimacy and getting your clients engaging with posts about new products and services you are offering.

* One key thing to remember is that ads take time to acquire and use data! This means it takes time to gather the data about who your ads are targeting and if that’s the right market *

This can be a lot to take in. Sometimes the best way to learn is to partner up with a marketing team that can help instruct you on where to put your ad spend and efforts to reach the right audiences and achieve your goals. We’re here to help you if you need it!

Remember: Have Fun Talking About Your New Website

The most important advice we can give is to enjoy sharing your new website! You put in the effort, you deserve to show it off!

Create social media posts with screenshots of your website, video scrolls or even a live Facebook or Instagram Story where you can talk about the special new features you are the most excited about.

Do you have an email list of your current clients? Send a mass message out about the exciting news! If you have a brick and mortar business, don’t be afraid to mention your website launch to clients who are shopping in your store.

The more excited you are to share your business’ new website, the more receptive your current and potential clients will be to check it out!

If you need help with any of the website ideas we’ve shared with you, send us a message. www.lifebloodmarketing.ca

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