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Is It Time to Refresh Your Brand?

How to know when to change things up for your brand.

Do you look at elements of your online presence and think, ‘this doesn’t represent me, anymore?’ We often have clients come to us knowing they need a change, but not sure exactly what the problem is. They like pieces of their brand, maybe they love their logo or a certain page on their website… but overall, these clients feel that their brand needs something changed.

The fantastic thing about refreshing or rebranding a website, a social media presence, or an entire brand is that it can easily feature those elements you still love about your brand! Changing things up doesn’t mean abandoning the successful business you have cultivated over the years, it means that you are allowing your business to grow and change to best represent you! Wondering if rebranding may be something for you? Keep reading.

What Does Rebranding Involve?

Rebranding can involve just about anything. One of the most common forms of rebranding happens with your website. Refreshing a website helps to incorporate a new look and feel, introduce updated tech like online booking forms or interactive calendars or simply spruce up content and photography to look more appealing to clients.

Rebranding can also influence your business’ logo and the print assets you give to clients like business cards and brochures. Achieving a unified look can be tricky, especially when you’ve been in business for a long time and made many small changes over the years. Once you start looking around at your various print media, you may realize you’ve been ‘refreshing’ your brand all by yourself for years! The key is getting things consistent across the board, so you look unified and professional to all your clients.

Refreshing your brand also involves some intangible work. While you are working to look fantastic on the client-facing side, taking the time to review your business from the ground up is a great idea. What are your goals for your business? Are you happy with your service offerings? Is there anything you want to change up? Which service is making you the biggest profit or bringing you the most enjoyment? Taking the time to review your business and update your goals will help you get the most out of a brand refresh.

Do I Need It?

We have helped clients with rebrands from many different business types, models and sizes. It’s a lot less about how big your business is and way more about if you need to make some positive changes. We’ve listed just a few of the reasons clients have come to us for a brand refresh, below:

  • A New Look – Your brand is outdated, inconsistent or just a design that you’ve outgrown and you’re desperate for a change. Eliminate that frustrating feeling of dislike when you hand out an old business card by giving your brand a new look that you love.
  • A More Professional Presence – Business is booming and you’re loving it! But you want to show off a website with cutting-edge technology and flawless design to show clients that you are the expert they can trust.
  • To Get Things Organized – You’re doing well with your clients, but you could use help getting every aspect of your brand organized and unified. You want a sharp, future-forward look and write-up that goes everywhere, your social media, your print assets, and your website so clients find you memorable for all the right reasons.

We’re Ready When You Are

Sometimes change isn’t easy, we totally get that. But we know from experience that those parts of your brand that are outdated or no longer represent you won’t magically go away. As you and your business grow and evolve, it’s important that your brand grows with you. If any of this has resonated with you, we’re here to help. www.lifebloodmarketing.ca

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