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How Can Marketing Be “USED”?

The heart of your business’ success lies in its marketing. Marketing your brand, product, company, or yourself is no easy task! But, the usefulness shows how it is an effective tool to attract customers. It grants the ability to show off your distinctiveness within your industry. Marketing simplifies your operations for your customer – in a creative and unique way.

Lets take a look at how marketing can be useful, simple, effective, and distinctive (USED):

Lets take a look at how marketing can be useful, simple, effective, and distinctive (USED):

How can marketing be useful?

There is a lot of pride in owning your own business. And, the steps that you took to get where you are, should not go unnoticed! But, for marketing to be useful, think about what customers actually want instead of what your company thinks it needs. In other words, show how your product can be useful to each individual customer not to your company. You want to convince your customers that they need what you’re selling, that it is useful.

How can marketing be simple?

“But, marketing is not simple!” Keep it simple for your customer. Find the balance closer to clarity than to complexity. Complexity will lead to disinterest, and clarity will lead a sale. Simplicity falls in the eyes of the customer. Keep it clear, to draw them near. Don’t try to be over-clever to the point where it confuses your customers or only makes sense to a particular market. Be simple, attract and be clear! But, not to the point where you blend in behind the rest of your competitors.

How can marketing be effective?

Sales will measure how effective your marketing is. Tap into your customer’s POV how will this improve my lifestyle? Shoulder my burdens? Remember, your value is not in what you do—your value is in what you do for others. Effective marketing 101: product features are important but talk and promote about what those features can accomplish for your customer. Make it clear that you’re here to serve them, not for them to serve you.

How can marketing be distinctive?

How to be distinctive? Unique? What sets you apart? These are questions that should be asked every single day before your business opens its doors. Be bold/unexpected with your brand, make your campaigns interactive, join in on weekly hashtag themes, photo contests, etc. Your distinctive marketing ideas can your competitive advantage.

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